Colombia Jake's Spa and Suites with Private Baths and Jacuzzi with Girlfriend Experience Dates and Girl Tours! Located in Poblado the Best Part of Town, just two Blocks from Park Lleras. Great Bars, Restaurants and Night Life! Gated Security 24/7! Hot Massage Girls arrive if you ask for that during the Day!
Come Live the Dream and Experience the Warm Spring like Medellin, Colombia. Are you Coming Alone, or with a Friend? Put your Mind at Ease, and Hit the ground Running with Your New Buddy and Guide!

I'm here to help make sure you have the Best Vacation of your Life! That's why guys come here to Enjoy the Beautiful Women, Suites and Tours, but most guys end up lonely at night because finding a fun reliable Girlfriend Experience Date in a short period of time is very difficult. I know lots of Beautiful Girls with Personality, to go have fun with! I'm here to help arrange things for you as a courtesy, because I remember how difficult it was when I arrived with only a short period of time to work with. If you think its easy to just arrive and find a Fun Hot Date your wrong! Your here to have stress free fun with the chicas, and tour the sites, so spend a little extra money to make sure! 

$49 Suite only you!

$75 Suite and Hot Girlfriend Experience Evening Date starting between 7 - 8pm lasting from 1 to 6 hours, its up to you. Usually go out to Park Lleras for drinks, dancing and fun and then come back for Luv, or stay here the whole time, its your choice. If your staying somewhere else, you must take an extra suite here at a discount to enjoy a Hot Girlfriend experience Date! 
Click here to see some of your Hot Girlfriends! Hot Girls!

The guy's who spend a little extra money to enjoy the services I offer have a stress free, better vacations! The Hot Girlfriend Evening Dates are only for the guys who rent a suite because I have to make a living.  If you are staying somewhere else rent another suite here at a discount $65 between (10am to 4pm) and your hot girlfriend experience date will arrive whichever place you want between 7 - 8pm!  Two Date Minimum but you can spread them out. The services you render with your Hot girlfriend date are very reasonable, but extra between you and her $50 to $95 dollars give or take depending on the time from 1 to 6 hours its up to you, of hot Luv and action! We help guys with limited time!

$99 VIP Suite and Happy Ending or Massage only Girl during the Day, and Girlfriend Experience Date during the Evening!

The Famous Day and Night Tours $75! The Day Tour 11am to 3:30pm more or less. Let me show you the unmarked and extremely hard to find affordable Chica Luv Casas only open during the day to have a Hot Beauty to connect with during the Day! Plus the fun Centro Medellin sexy street action, and a hippy park for the guys who like to party, as well as the important cultural sites and High end Luv Casas as well! 

The Night Tour $75 ! From 7:30pm to 12am more or less takes you to a totally different set of Chica Luv Clubs that only open at night! Also up the mountain to one of Pablo Escobar's Huge Mansions with some of the hottest chica's in town! Back down to the Hot Local Budget Clubs still packed with talent for another hookup, finishing up on the high end again! Throw in a cool Live Salsa bar and as well as a one of a kind Hippy Park for those who like to party and you have two different experiences that you should not miss!

The Incredible Motorcycle Tour up into the mountains to see the hot chicas and beautiful views or Parasailing or Waterfall & Swimming! Some guys can't decide which they like better! The Girlfriends or the Tours! $75 to $99

I'm here to make sure you find what your looking for with no stress. The smart guys stay here because this is a big city, and its all about maximizing the time you have not spending it trying to find places, and girlfriend experiences! Let me help you experience a Higher Level of Fun, and avoid getting stood up, drugged or robbed. 

You will quickly see why overall, this is the greatest city in the world, and the reason I feel Young and Happy again! Let me keep you busy in your chica friendly suite with a new Hottie or Tour Everyday! 


Call USA:  727 498 1680

WhatsApp: +57 301 575 0315 

Remember Hypocrites, Jealousy Reigns Supreme! WiFi 10 meg, Jacuzzi, Washer & Dryer, Breakfast is served here! We have a no refund policy! Sorry the girls tell me no Blacks!


                                           Jake’s Rent-a-date —

                                     the most fun I’ve had in a long time!


I spent a couple of days at Jake’s place (that is Colombia Jake). While he can set you up for a quick bang in the room (just like at a casa or club), what was the highlight for me was the Rent-a-date. On two different nights (with two different girls), they’d arrive just outside the hotel in a taxi, I’d hop in and we’d go to a party district. Both were interested in warming up with some drinks (share a bottle of rum or aguardiente), and boy did they warm up. Despite my crappy Spanish, they were so incredibly social that we somehow communicated well enough. We soon started making out, then moved to a second place where you can dance. Both loved to dance and really came alive, and we kept switching between the dance floor and sitting down to drink and talk and make out some more. I’m usually kind of shy on the dance floor, but not here. You really feel like a man–The Man–when a hot paisa is all over you and laugh and kiss you in public. After a couple of hours of this, back to the hotel room for about an hour of private time.

The advantage is that Jake has vetted the girls, and if you describe the personality and looks that you like, he’s likely to match it pretty well.

Another thing I liked at Jake’s place is his assistant Eric, a somewhat older American gentleman who is very friendly and with an interesting perspective on expat living and different kinds of paisa relationships. If you get to know him, he may tell you of his interesting life.

Matt from Alaska! 
I used to get a big name hotel, but I quickly found myself all alone, also figured out the girls don't care, and its a hassle to get them through the front desk! I stayed in Jake's Suites in the best part of town called Poblado, near the Parque Lleras. The things you get with Jake you can't put a price on! With Jake introduced me to a chica who is now my girlfriend, that with my lack of Spanish would simply not have happened. For the money nothing comes close to this because when I invest in a vacation I want to increase my chances of making it successful. I like having a buddy looking out for me and directing opportunities my way, and helping to translate whenever I need it. When you take in account the cost of his time and effort and transportation, the room is a bargain. I guarantee you won't have the same kind of fun doing it on your own! The guy knows the place and has the transportation to show you the big spectacular city, countryside and ladies!  

Scott from Scottsdale!
This was my first trip to
Medellin. I had heard some very positive things about it from International living magazine and Anthony Bordains visit here on his show No Reservations. As a typical American my predisposition was that this was not a safe place and not a real vacation spot. Boy was I wrong. Medellin is one of the most beautiful and safe cities I've been and I've traveled most of the world. The people are warm and friendly and happen to like Americans, something I can't say about many places these days.  A friend got me in touch with Jake.

Jake came down here and fell in love with this place and it didn't take me long to know why. He's basically a specialty concierge tour guide and Medellin Information expert. No disrespect to Lonely Planet, in my opinion they fell short on their Medellin info.  Jake's information was spot on as were his bar and restaurant calls. Park Lleras was so much fun!

I took  Jake's Centro tour both day and night. The centro part of  Medellin was, with out a doubt the highlight of the trip. The Centro area reminded me of  Buenos Aires' Centro area, but more charm and liveliness. I felt like I really got a chance to see how the people work and live in this vibrant city. To be frank, I would have been intimidated by Centro walking alone, as there are almost zero Americans. it hustles and bustles and there are so many sights, sounds, and smells that its very easy to be distracted. I guess you could say I looked like someone from Boise in New York City for the first time gawking at the Empire State Building. It was great having Jake by my side. He's a former Florida State Baseball player and a big guy who speaks Spanish and knows Centro very well.

I think I know more about the locals, and their city and their history better than my own town.

And the food! oh my, the fruit, breads, and local specialties are amazing. so cheep too. His night tour was unique but I'll leave that for another time. Go to Medellin! Get in touch with Jake and have the trip of your life. I am only sorry I didn't have the time to do the eco tour. The hills, valleys, and countryside look amazing. Just have to save it for next time.

Jake and Eric,
Here is my review of your services. Please tell me what you think:

I just had the pleasure of spending last weekend in Medellin with Jake and Eric, and all I can say is “Wow!” Prior to meeting these two gentlemen, I had already been in Medellin for about a day and a half, so I went into meeting them thinking “What do these guys have to offer that I can’t find on my own?” Boy, was I wrong, and boy did I find out. Jake set me up with two girlfriend experience dates and both girls where absolute knockouts, a lot of fun, and very good sexually. One in particular was honestly the best sex I’ve had in my life. An absolute 10 in every way.

If you are on the fence about meeting up with Jake and exploring options, don’t be. These guys will show you a great time. It was even fun pre-gaming and getting to know those guys before heading out. Eric is a great guy, funny, and is interesting to talk to, and Jake is a man among men and a really good dude. I came out of there not just with the experience of spending a night with two beautiful women, but also with what is hopefully a couple of lasting friendships. I honestly cannot wait to get back there in the coming months. Book with ColombiaJake; you will not be disappointed.


Back from my third trip to Medellin. I have stayed with Jake (and Eric) for all 3 trips. This time I got to enjoy the new apartment. Its a major upgrade from his last place which was an older condo building. The new place is a great Hi-rise apartment near Park Lleres (but thankfully far enough away that you don't hear the noise of the clubs). He has three large bedrooms, each of which has its own private bath and a fantastic view of the city.

Before writing this I looked through the reviews on the "Colombia Jake" page and they are all pretty accurate. Jake has a great product that makes enjoying Medellin super easy. Basically he sets you up for a nice long evening date with one of the many girls he knows. The dates are very relaxed, plenty of time for dinner and dancing, plus time back at the apartment. If you want to see a sample of the caliber of girls available just look at the "Girls to date. Click here" link on his website. The pictures are pretty representative of the girls available. Good looking natural girls from all parts of Medellin. The pictures are really just a sample of what the talent pool looks like (and most girls seem to look better in person) When you arrive you usually talk with Jake about what kind of girls you like, he describes a few and you leave it up to him.

Medellin is a great city and the girls are just shockingly beautiful. However it is not the easiest destination to crack for a newbie, especially if you are not fluent in Spanish. There is plenty of daytime action in the casas, but at night your options are more limited. Jake provides you immediate access to some wonderful, sweet "semi-pro" girls who are great company. His modest fee is well worth it. You get up and running immediately in Medellin and don't waste your vacation trying to figure out the scene (or spending half your day figuring out Spanish websites and translating messages with google only to deal with girls who flake on you).

Jake also offers awesome tours! Personally, I think that if you are looking for a safe, easy and fun way to experience it, give Jake a try. 
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